CUI 2022 will be at the University of Strathclyde, in the city of Glasgow. The conference will take place primarily in the Technology Innovation Centre, with the reception and dinner taking place at magnificient city centre locations.

Conference Venue: Advanced Research Centre (ARC), University of Glasgow on July 26

The ARC, the Advanced Research Centre, is intended to be the creative and collaborative heart of research at the University of Glasgow. The ground floor of the ARC is open to the general public to showcase the excitement and relevance of the University’s research. It also offers a mix of multi-purpose spaces for events and conferences, as well as team building and networking activity and public engagement. For CUI 2022 we will be using some of these spaces for our doctoral event and special interest groups.

Conference Venue: Technology Innovation Centre

The University of Strathclyde's has a compact, city-centre campus. Part of the campus is the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC), which offers award-winning conference and events facilities and is within easy reach of hotels and transport networks. For CUI 2022 we will be using the following spaces inside the TIC:

  • 150-seat auditorium
  • conference rooms
  • spacious foyers for poster session, registration, lunches and coffee breaks

You can read more about the TIC on the University of Strathclyde website or take a virtual tour of the building.

The Technology Innovation Centre at the University of Strathclyde

Opening Reception Venue: Glasgow City Chambers on Tuesday 26th July

The focal point of George Square is one of the city's most iconic and imposing buildings, the City Chambers, whose magnificence tells the story of the wealth and industrial prosperity of the Second City of the Empire. It's one of the most beautiful civic buildings in the UK and a huge favourite amongst locals and tourists. It was opened by Queen Victoria in 1888 and for over a hundred years has been the headquarters of successive city councils. Queen Victoria herself is depicted on the front of the building, with the central apex statue of Truth above her. This figure is known by locals, not surprisingly, as Glasgow's own "Statue of Liberty".

The city of Glasgow are offering a welcome reception to CUI attendees, family and friends; where we will be welcomed by on the cities bailies.

The City Chambers in the city of Glasgow

Dinner Venue: Sloans on Wednesday July 27th

A Glasgow landmark, Sloans is situated in Glasgow’s City Centre and is a short walk from the conference venue. Set over 3 floors, we will be based on one floor for a 3 course meal with drinks followed by a traditional Scottish ceilidh. Find out more about Sloans on their website.