CUI 2022 strives to be an inclusive and accessible conference and we will do our best to accommodate requests for special assistance. Information will be posted here as we develop our plans for the conference, to help you make an informed decision about whether the conference will be accessible to you. Please contact us if your question is not answered here, or if the conference arrangements as described are not enough to allow you to attend. We will work with you to the best of our ability, to make the conference accessible.

The Accessibility and Diversity Chair is progressively assembling this information. If you have questions or wish to raise a point regarding our efforts to ensure all attendees can participate, please contact us by email.


Per CUI’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity, we wish for all attendees to indicate their pronouns to promote a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment. This information will be included on your CUI 2022 badge and in the online attendee profile of the virtual platform to foster dignity, courtesy, understanding, and mutual respect during interactions throughout the conference. Providing/displaying your pronoun on your badge is not mandatory.

How do I communicate accessibility needs to organisers?

The Accessibility and Diversity Chair has a goal of ensuring the conference is accessible to everyone. When you register for the conference, there will be a questions for you to answer about your needs. Please complete these to indicate anything that will help make the conference accessible to you.

Possible requests include but are not limited to: sign language interpretation, note taker, assistive listening device, captioning, description (for slides, overheads or videos), and so on. The Accessibility and Diversity Chair will follow up with requests. You can contact them directly at any time by emailing us.

Please be aware that some accommodations may be difficult to provide at short notice, and we may not be able to accommodate every request.

Will sign language interpretation be available?

If you request sign language interpretation in your conference registration, we will strive to provide interpretation for all conference presentations and events, including informal conversations. Please register your request before the 25th June 2022. The Accessibility and Diversity Chair will follow up with you and connect you to interpreters and make arrangements for the streams. Any request after this deadline may be difficult to fulfill depending on the type of request. Please note that we strive to be an inclusive, accessible conference, but not all requests can be guaranteed.

You may also bring your own interpreter to the event. Please reach out to the Accessibility and Diversity Chair to set this up.

Will there be a chance to try the videoconferencing and other technologies in advance of the conference?

Yes, if you would like early access and an introductory tour of any of the conference technologies, please contact the Accessibility and Diversity Chair by emailing us.

Can someone assist me with my online participation/presentation?

If you would benefit from assistance in giving your presentation or handling questions, please reach out to us by email to make arrangements.

Will presenters be visible?

Presenters and speakers will be requested to use video when speaking to help lip-reading and non-native speakers. We recognise that this may not be possible for every speaker. Captions will be available throughout the conference as a fallback.

I have another question

If you have other questions about accessibility at CUI 2022, please contact the Accessibility and Diversity Chair by emailing us.