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CUI@CSCW: Collaborating through Conversational User Interfaces

Workshop at the 2020 ACM Computer-supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) conference (Held Virtually).


We have 12 talks lined up for the workshop, which we’ve split across three sessions. We’re still experimenting with how we shift workshops into the online space, but our intention is to have an engaging but unstressful workshop for everyone.

Please arrive at 2pm UTC. The timings below are approximate but are liable to moving up (e.g. if a discussion goes more quickly than expected) or slippage. We will definitely finish by 6pm UTC. Please see this link for the event in your timezone.

Please “bring” with you some paper or post-it notes (digital or physical) for the discussions to make notes throughout the day of ideas, concepts, strategies, thoughts, and questions. This will especially help the discussion at the end of the day.

The underlying aim for this workshop was to reimagine CUIs as much more capable technologies than they currently are, and each talk here examines this in a different setting or time, or for different groups of people or purposes. While we probably won’t have ‘an answer’ to this aim, we hope that bringing the community together to reflect on will support and foster community development and cohesion.