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CUI@CSCW: Collaborating through Conversational User Interfaces

Workshop at the 2020 ACM Computer-supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) conference (Held Virtually).

About the Workshop

The virtual CUI@CSCW workshop seeks to bring together the burgeoning communities centred on the design, development, application and study of so-called Conversational User Interfaces (CUIs). CUIs are used in myriad contexts, from online support chatbots through to entertainment devices in the home. In this workshop, we will examine the challenges involved in transforming CUIs into everyday computing devices capable of supporting collaborative activities across space and time.

Additionally, this workshop seeks to establish a cohesive CUI community and research agenda within CSCW. We will examine the roles in which CSCW research can contribute insights into understanding how CUIs are or can be used in a variety of settings, from public to private, and how they can be brought into a potentially unlimited number of tasks. For details on submitting to the workshop, please see our Call for Papers page.


Submission: August 30th September 6th 2020 (11:59 PM Anywhere on Earth)

Notifications: September 13th

October 17th, 14:00 UTC: Workshop


We are opening up workshop registration to anyone who wishes to attend. We are artificially limiting the number of spaces in the workshop to support workshop activities. The registration deadline is provisionally October 9th. We will provide more details here, and on the @CUI_conference twitter account for how to register for the workshop.

Update (14th September):
We are currently putting together the workshop programme and this will be available in the coming weeks.