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CUI@CSCW: Collaborating through Conversational User Interfaces

Workshop at the 2020 ACM Computer-supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) conference (Held Virtually).

Call for Papers

Submission Information

In this virtual workshop, we want to specifically address issues cognisant to this overlap between the CUI and CSCW communities:

  • Examine key ideas around the notion of how individuals or groups collaborate with or through CUIs (voice or text-based)
  • Re-imagine CUIs as everyday computing interfaces
  • Discuss the strategies for studying and designing CUIs within CSCW's understanding of group work and collaboration
  • Explore parameters and issues needing to be considered in designing CUIs for multi-agent, multi-user conversations and tasks
Furthermore, there are specific and timely issues that we wish this workshop to raise, including:

  • How can CUIs enhance or support an individual's personal health and wellbeing?
  • How can CUIs support individuals who may be (self) isolating/shielding?
  • How can the community address issues of biased or problematic AIs and enable CUIs to be used by the most diverse range of people, irrespective of age, ethnicity, or gender?
  • How can we address existing CUI and VUI usability issues that limit accessibility to both general and underrepresented populations (older adults, users with vision/mobility impairments, etc.)?
  • How can CUIs become a way for individuals with low literacy or access to technology to interact with digital media and the Internet?
  • How can CUIs be created in a collaborative way by a diverse range of people, especially by non-machine learning experts?

Position Papers

We invite researchers from academia and practitioners from industry to submit position papers. Papers should be 3–6 pages long (including references) in the (Legacy) ACM SIGCHI Extended Abstract template (Word/LaTeX). The submission should describe the authors’ work related to the workshop challenges above, or any other key topic that authors feel should be addressed by the community. Authors of position papers will be invited to present at the workshop.

Position Statements

In addition to papers, we will invite the submission of one-page position statements for participants who wish to join the workshop without submitting a paper. In our past experiences we have found that this option is particularly attractive to industry-based researchers.

Submissions should be made by email to Martin Porcheron by 11:59PM on August 30th September 6th 2020 (Anywhere on Earth).

We will prioritise papers that respond to pressing social topics, including remote working, isolation, and healthcare. We are ambitious for papers to be diverse in terms of topic, discipline, and approach, and workshop participation to be open and accessible to all people.

Although the workshop is virtual, all attendees must register for one day of the conference (details will be included on the CSCW website soon). At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop.

Details on the software used by the CSCW conference will be provided in due course.


We will host all accepted papers on our website prior to the workshop (unless an author wishes for this not to happen).