The following papers were accepted for inclusion in the workshop:

Themes Author(s) Title
Health & Vulnerability
Luke Haliburton, Mari Kruse, Christopher Voit, and Albrecht Schmidt Mental Buddy: Expanding Access to Mental Healthcare Through Conversational Agents
Hyunhoon Jung Becoming Reliable AI Agent for COVID-19
Aishwarya Surani and Sanchari Das Evaluating Privacy and Security Vulnerabilities of Healthcare Chatbots
Jaisie Sin Allegra, How Do We Prevent Ageism in CUIs?
Applied Ethics & Measurements
Thomas Mildner, Gian-Luca Savino, and Philip Doyle Rules of Engagement: Levelling up to Combat Unethical CUI Design
Sophie Hundertmark and Edy Portmann Ethics Check for Conversational AIs
Asbjørn Følstad and Anders Mærøe The Ethics of Chatbots in Public Sector Service Provision
Ji-Youn Jung, Dave Murray-Rust, Ujwal Gadiraju, and Alessandro Bozzon Gender Choices of Conversational Agent: How Today’s Practice Can Shape Tomorrow’s Values
Stefanie Carnell Talking Like Others: Identity and Language in Conversational User Interfaces
Anna-Maria Meck, Justin Edwards, Diego Garaialde, Marion Bartl, Philip Doyle, and Leigh Clark Design for the User You Want, Not the User You Have?
Voice & Ethics
Shruti Rao, Valeria Resendez, Abdallah El Ali, and Pablo Cesar Ethical Self-Disclosing Voice User Interfaces for Delivery of News
William Seymour, Mark Coté, and Jose Such Consent on the Fly: Developing Ethical Verbal Consent for Voice Assistants
Suzanne Tolmeijer, Naim Zierau, Andreas Janson, Jan Marco Leimeister, and Abraham Bernstein Just Like a Human? The Consequences of Human-like Voice User Interfaces