In what ways can we advance our research on conversational user interfaces (CUIs) by including considerations on ethics? As CUIs, like Amazon Alexa or chatbots, become commonplace, discussions on how they can be designed in an ethical manner or how they change our views on ethics of technology should be topics we engage with as a community. Authors are invited to submit position papers to the CHI 2022 workshop on the Ethics of CUIs. We aim for including diverse disciplines, including, but not limited to, philosophy, design, and engineering. Additionally, we welcome perspectives on three topics of conversational disclosure, transparency, and vulnerable or under-served populations, among other relevant topics. Papers can address how conversational systems and users disclose personally relevant information, how systems can be conversationally transparent about their limits and abilities, as well as how we must address diverse groups of users that are potentially vulnerable or under-served, e.g., due to socio-economic status or disability. Potential submissions can look at other areas that are related, such as morally relevant interactions with conversational partners, e.g., treating CUIs fairly as humans when this does not matter for things.

Submission Information

We seek position papers that are 3 to 6 pages long (including references), submitted in the CHI Extended Abstract format, and describe work or discussion related to the position paper ethics topics outlined above. Admittance to the workshop will be based on the overall quality, novelty, and relevance of the submission, and the CUI community’s goals of bringing together a set of presenters that can represent the diverse and multidisciplinary facets of philosophy, design, and engineering required for the design of CUIs. We will pay particular attention to under-served regions or universities, for our inclusive community will benefit from this, especially concerning ethics of CUIs. Papers should be submitted to Minha Lee by February 24th, 2022. At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop.


Accepted papers will be posted to the workshop website ahead of workshop date and serve as the basis of presentations and discussion at the workshop. For examples of papers that are acceptable for the workshop, please see the websites for past CHI workshops in 2021 and 2020. All accepted workshop papers will also be invited to submit to the CUI ‘22 conference taking place in Glasgow, Scotland.