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CUI @ Auto-UI: Exploring the Fortunate and Unfortunate Futures of Conversational Automotive User Interfaces

Workshop at the 2021 ACM Automotive User Interfaces (AutoUI) Conference


The workshop will take place across two 90 minute sessions across two separate days.

Day 1 (September 9th)

  • Introductory remarks (10 minutes): Organizers will briefly introduce themselves and the aims of the workshop and give a brief demonstration of a round of Fortunately/Unfortunately.
  • Fortunately/Unfortunately games (50 minutes): Organizers will create breakout rooms of 4-7 attendees each, facilitating games of Fortunately/Unfortunately./li>
  • Group discussion of game scenarios (30 minutes): After playing games of Fortunately/Unfortunately in small groups, we will come back together as a whole to discuss the scenarios each group laid out.

Day 2 (September 10th)

  • Introductory remarks (10 minutes): Organizers will reintroduce the aims of the workshop and explain the framing of the research agenda mapping session.
  • Small group research agenda mapping (50 minutes): Organizers will again create breakout rooms, with group membership curated by organizers between sessions based on research bios submitted before the workshop, to plan a five-year research agenda based on a single scenario from the first session.
  • Group discussion of research agendas (30 minutes): After planning research agendas in small groups, the workshop will come together as a whole again to discuss the research agendas they planned, the publication venues they would hope to target with the work they imagined, and shared visions of the future.