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CUI @ Auto-UI: Exploring the Fortunate and Unfortunate Futures of Conversational Automotive User Interfaces

Workshop at the 2021 ACM Automotive User Interfaces (AutoUI) Conference

Expressions of Interest

Submission Information

In this workshop we aim to identify some of the opportunities and challenges in automotive conversational interface research and imagine futures both light and dark. Some of the topics we may cover include, but are not limited to:

  • The costs and benefits of multitasking in the car.
  • Pros and cons of integrating CUIs into our vehicles.
  • Technical challenges and horizons in CUI and Automotive UI design.
  • Ethical issues and solutions surrounding the AI in CUIs and Automotive UIs.
  • The upsides and downsides of children interacting with Automotive CUIs.
  • Legal frameworks to support or suppress the use of Automotive CUIs.
  • Doors of accessibility opened or closed by Automotive CUIs.
  • Automotive CUIs for multiparty collaboration or multiparty frustration.

Views of Automotive CUI Futures

We invite researchers from academia and industry practitioners to express their interest in our workshop by submitting three positive views of the future and three negative views of the future of Automotive CUIs. To fit the theme of our game, these views can be single sentences, expressed in the form "Fortunately, ..." or "Unfortunately ..."

Participant Biographies

We also invite the submission of one-paragraph biographies to get to know our participants and arrange groups to have diverse sets of interests.

Submissions of views of the future and of one paragraph biographies should be made by email to Justin Edwards any time before the beginning of the conference.

We will use your views of the future to guide games of "fortunately/unfortunately" in the first sesssion of the workshop. We plan to break participants into small groups with diverse research interest across topics of CUIs and Automotive UIs to help you grow your professional network and make new connections for future collaborations, which will be fostered in the second session of the workshop.

Conference registration details can be found here soon).