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Paper Awards

6 awards have been given out at CUI 2019: 2 Best Papers and 4 Honourable Mentions.

Best Papers

Progressivity for Voice Interface Design

Joel Fischer, Stuart Reeves, Martin Porcheron, Rein Sikveland

Shoehorning in the Name of Science

Jens Edlund

Honourable Mentions

Crowdsourcing a self-evolving dialog graph

Patrik Jonell, Per Fallgren, Fethiye Irmak Doğan, José Lopes, Ulme Wennberg, Gabriel Skantze

What’s in an accent? The impact of accented synthetic speech on lexical choice in human-machine dialogue

Benjamin R. Cowan, Philip Doyle, Justin Edwards, Diego Garaialde, Ali Hayes-Brady,  
Holly P. Branigan, João Cabral, Leigh Clark          

Who owns your voice? Ethically sourced voices for non-commercial TTS applications

Kristen Scott, Simone Ashby, David Braude, Matthew Aylett

I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About, HALexa

Christine Murad, Cosmin Muntenau