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Cosmin Munteanu
University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada

Dr Cosmin Munteanu is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology at University of Toronto Mississauga. His research includes speech and natural language interaction for mobile devices, mixed reality systems, learning technologies for marginalized users, usable cyber-safety, assistive technologies for older adults, and ethics in human-computer interaction research.


Susan E. Brennan
The State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA

Professor Brennan is Professor of Psychology at The State University of New York at Stony Brook.  She is is a cognitive scientist who studies the psychology of language use—in particular, interactive spoken dialogue. She is interested in how people adapt their speaking and understanding to their conversational partners and to the variation that is rampant in speech. Some of her current studies use eye-tracking, either as a measure of language processing or as a mode of communication. Her recent interests include the neural circuits that support interactive communication. She also studies the human use of technology, especially speech and language interfaces to computers.