Deadline Extended to April 18th

To leverage the power of head-mounted displays in extended and virtual reality (XR/VR), much of the interaction within such systems focuses on employing visual and gestural modalities, which often drops back to menu overlay, point-and-click metaphors, getting in the way of the primary benefit of such extended reality interactions. However, several researchers have explored the opportunities of conversational and agent-based interactions within XR/VR.

In parallel, research specifically into Conversational User Interaction (CUI) has been increasing with the 6th annual ACM CUI taking place in 2024. In this venue there are similar examples of exploring the challenges of using human-human communication as a model of interaction that allows users to keep their hands and eyes engaged in their primary task, taking advantage of learning from analysing human interaction to improve CUIs, and how people interact with conversational user interfaces on a day to day basis, as well as those embodied in robots and agents. A shared interest for CUI and IMX researchers is the grounded nature of conversations, i.e., that common ground, mutual-attentive gaze, and other multi-modal and conversational cues allow for a shared understanding to enable the interaction goals. Given that the technological base of much of XR and VR is a shared and understood spatial environment, this lends itself to more advanced conversational interactions than can be supported by smart-speakers and phone-based assistants yet still available for deployment to hundreds of millions of XR/VR devices in the wild.

This workshop thus looks to gather researchers, designers and practitioners from the range of disciplines that intersect on XR/VR-Conversational Interaction to discuss and coordinate this cutting-edge research and develop a truly multi-disciplinary community. To do this we aim to bring together some of the leading researchers in these fields, with an interest in CUI-based IMX questions to map the work needed to develop the thematic grand challenges identified by recent CUI and IMX work.