An photograph of Radhika Garg

Radhika Garg is an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. In her research she has been involved with multiple projects that investigated how diverse families with children learn about, engage with, and use smart speakers in their homes over time. She has also led participatory design projects with children with the aim of informing the futures of voice agents for various contexts including in-home learning.

An photograph of Martin Porcheron

Martin Porcheron is a Lecturer in the Computational Foundry at Swansea University. His work examines the use of new technologies such as conversational interfaces in multi-party settings like pubs and the home. He has recently co-organised workshops at CHI '18–'21 and CSCW '16, '17 and '20 on topics including collocated interaction with technologies and conversational user interfaces. He is a member of the CUI conference series steering committee.

An photograph of Leigh Clark

Leigh Clark is a Lecturer in Human-Computer Interaction at the Computational Foundry in Swansea University. His research examines the effects of voice and language design on speech interface interactions and how linguistic theories can be implemented and redefined in this context. He is co-founder of the international Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) conference series.

An photograph of Benjamin R. Cowan

Benjamin R. Cowan is an Associate Professor at University College Dublin’s School of Information & Communication Studies. His research lies at the juncture between psychology, HCI and computer science in investigating how theoretical perspectives in human communication can be applied to understand phenomena in speech based human-machine communication. He has published widely on user centered issues in conversational and speech interface interaction, is co-founder of the international Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) conference series and has been involved in a number of workshops on this topic at CHI and Mobile HCI.

An photograph of Bo Zhang

Bo Zhang is a PhD student at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. He takes a human-centered approach in his research and is currently interested in designing conversational agents for children’s learning in home settings.

An photograph of Asbjørn Følstad

Asbjørn Følstad is a senior research scientist at SINTEF, Oslo, Norway. His main research area is human-computer interaction. Recent research topics includes the design and user experience of chatbots with application areas such as youth and health information, education, public sector service provision, and customer service. Asbjørn is also one of the organizers of the CONVERSATIONS annual workshop on chatbot research.

An photograph of Jeni Paay

Jeni Paay is Professor of Interaction Design at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. She is Program Director in the Smart Cities Research Institute, directing the “Future Places for Living” program, and is also Deputy Director of Centre for Design Innovation. She has a transdisciplinary background spanning architecture, computer science, and Human-Computer Interaction publishing in Human Centred Computing and Interaction Design. Her research areas include: Interaction Design for Mobiles, AR and VR; Digital Health; Interaction Design for Smart Spaces and Domestic AI; Design for Digital Workspaces and User Experience Design.

An photograph of Ewa Luger

Ewa Luger is Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute (London) and Deputy Director of Research at Edinburgh Futures Institute. Her academic research investigates the sociotechnical and moral issues arising from machine intelligence and data-driven systems, with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction, Public Policy and inclusion. Ewa is currently a member of the Leadership Circle responsible for the delivery of Scotland’s AI strategy, the EPSRC Digital Economy programme advisory board, Facebook’s ‘Algorithms & the Public Interest’ expert advisory group, ORBIT's (RRI) steering group, REPHRAIN’s ethics advisory panel, and the World Economic Forum Trusted Data Intermediaries task force.