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Let's Talk About CUIs: Putting Conversational User Interface Design Into Practice

Workshop at the 2021 ACM CHI Conference

Call for Papers

Researchers and industry practitioners working in the field of Conversational User Interfaces (CUIs) are invited to submit to our workshop. The aim of this workshop is to bridge the academia / industry gap in conversational user interface design, and to discuss the development of different tools, methods, and practices for the designand development of CUIs. The workshop will focus on employing the unique capabilities of our community to bring perspectives from both industry and academia, in order to identify the real practical challenges in CUI design, and to connect academic research in CUI design and development with industry practitioners. Those interested are asked to submit either a position paper (academia) or a position statement (industry) that illustrates or speaks to a research project or practice that contributes to the discourse on methods, resources, and approaches to CUI design and development, bringing in both their experience either in academic research or industry experience. We are interested in attracting a broad rangeof perspectives in different areas of CUI research, including but not limited to:

  • Approaches, methods, theories and techniques applied in CUI research
  • The challenges of voice and speech in CUI interaction design
  • Topics related to conversational flow, analysis, and psycho-linguistics in regards to the design of CUI dialogue
  • Domain-specific CUI challenges e.g. automotive interfaces, healthcare & wellbeing, etc
  • Designing for multimodality & multiparty challenges
  • Designing for accessibility and inclusion e.g. underrepre-sented or marginalized users
  • Ethics, privacy, explainability, trust and transparency

Submission Information

Position paper submissions should be between 3 to 6 pages, including references, and position statements should be about one page. Papers should be submitted using the ACM SIGCHI Extended Abstract Template (Word/LaTeX). The submission should identify the perspective that the author is coming from (academia-based, industry-based, or both), and should describe authors’ work related to the workshop goals and their interest to participate. Submissions should be sent to Christine Murad by February 26th, 2021.

Papers and statements will be reviewed by the organizing committee, and participants will be selected based on their ability to add to the discussion in light of bringing a diverse and representative set of presenters to foster a two-way conversation between industry and academia, and bringing light to the gaps in methods, tools, and practices in CUI design.


We will host all accepted papers on our website prior to the workshop (unless an author wishes for this not to happen). All attendees must register for at least one day of the conference. At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop.