Provocation Papers

CUI 2020 Provocation Papers are short papers that explore controversial, risk taking or nascent ideas that have the potential to spark debate and discussion at the conference.

Attention! New templates and paper length!


2 page anonymised papers (excluding references) using the current ACM proceedings templates (link to templates – Note: for MS Word please use the Interim layout | for LaTeX please use the sigconf format). Each paper will be peer reviewed by 3 expert reviewers. Submissions must be made using the EasyChair website: Accepted provocation paper will be archived in the ACM Digital Library and authors be given an oral presentation slot at the conference.

Paper Chairs

  • Dr. Stuart Reeves (University of Nottingham)
  • Minha Lee (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • Dr. Cornelius Glackin (Intelligent Voice Ltd)


Important Dates

Provocation Papers submission deadline: March 13th 2020, 23:59 GMT+1 Provocation Papers extended submission deadline: March 27th 2020, 23:59 GMT+1

Notification: May 5th

Camera ready version: May 24th 2020, 23:59 GMT+1


Accepted Provocation Papers

  • Rahime Belen Salam and Jason Nurse. Is your chatbot GDPR compliant? Open issues in agent design.
  • Gianluigi Maria Riva and Marguerite Barry. The Lord of the (speaking) Rings: An interdisciplinary Fellowship to deal with 7 legal issues.
  • Teresa Castle-Green, Stuart Reeves, Joel E. Fischer and Boriana Koleva. Decision Trees as Sociotechnical Objects in Chatbot Design.
  • Michal Luria, Joseph Seering, Jodi Forlizzi and John Zimmerman. Designing Chatbots as Community-Owned Agents.
  • Supraja Sankaran, Chao Zhang, Mathias Funk, Henk Aarts and Panos Markopoulos. «Do I have a say?»: Using conversational agents to re-imagine human-machine autonomy.
  • Justin Edwards, Allison Perrone and Philip Doyle. Transparency in Language Generation: Levels of Automation.
  • Christine Murad and Cosmin Munteanu. «Alexa, How Do I Build a VUI Curriculum?»
  • Stefan Ultes and Wolfgang Maier. On the Complexity in Task-oriented Spoken Dialogue Systems.
  • Leigh Clark, Benjamin R. Cowan, Abi Roper, Stephen Lindsay and Owen Sheers. Speech diversity and speech interfaces – considering an inclusive future through stammering.
  • Daniel Rough and Benjamin R. Cowan. Don’t Believe The Hype! White Lies of Conversational User Interface Creation Tools.
  • Shashank Ahire and Michael Rohs.Tired of Wake Words? — Moving Towards Seamless Conversations with Intelligent Personal Assistants.
  • Emer Gilmartin and Christian Saam. Pragmatics research and non-task dialog technology.
  • James Simpson.Are CUIs Just GUIs with Speech Bubbles?
  • Anna Bleakley, Vincent Wade and Benjamin R Cowan. Finally a Case for Collaborative VR?: The Need to Design for Remote Multi-Party Conversations.
  • Fermin Chavez Sanchez, Gloria Angelica Martinez de la Peoa, Gloria Adriana Mendoza Franco and Erick Iroel Heredia Carrillo. Beyond what is said.